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Shakespeare’s Son! (sort of)
by Tom Mallaburn

From the creators of the hit comedy “Instructions for American Servicemen in Britain” comes a joyous, family-friendly farce set in Civil War England. 

Meet William Davenant – playwright, libertine, and the (alleged) lovechild of William Shakespeare. Captured by the party-pooping Puritans, Davenant saves his skin by promising to write a play that will big-up Cromwell. The only problem is, he’s already promised the Royalists a play that will glorify the King! His hair-brained scheming and foolhardy plans make for a wild romp through the theatre-making process, culminating in an artistic debacle of side-splitting proportions.

Fusing the wicked wit of Blackadder, the gruesome silliness of Horrible Histories, and the joyous fun of Shakespeare in Love, this is a show for anyone who likes their comedy fast-paced and ridiculous.

Praise for the show’s run in Australia:

“A superbly performed, funny and engaging ensemble piece that cleverly combines modern references, word play, a nod to guitar rock, a mash-up of Shakespeare’s more famous plays, a specially constructed IKEA torture rack, and one very nasty folk song. You could call it black absurdist farce with elements of pantomime.” Australian Stage

“Genuinely funny and clever, great for children…a good introduction to the magic of theatre.” Tinsel and Tap Shoes

Click here for footage of the Oz run!

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