The rewards of rural touring

Originally written for the February House Theatre Guest Blog. As well as being a freelance director I run Fol Espoir – a theatre company that tours to regional arts centres and rural networks across the UK. Small-scale touring is not exactly the glamorous end of the arts industry. On tour, we normally play a newContinue reading “The rewards of rural touring”

Winston’s PR journey – a post from our wonderful media genie Jane Verity

  Our journey with Fol Espoir started with a slightly awkward conversation with a fairly sceptical sounding John Walton. John had got in touch through a mutual friend who had recommended us, but I didn’t know this at the time, and thought it was an off spec enquiry. What I realised as I was speakingContinue reading “Winston’s PR journey – a post from our wonderful media genie Jane Verity”

Fol Espoir featured in The Guardian

Artistic Director John Walton was invited to contribute a post to the Guardian Professionals Blog. The theme was the research process and post-show discussion for the show Winston On the Run. Full text below, or check it out at: Post-show theatre discussions: presenting your ‘DVD extras’ menu Performance post shows are usually dull andContinue reading “Fol Espoir featured in The Guardian”