The Writing Process by Freddie Machin

The first time John Walton and I met was at his old flat in Covent Garden. He auditioned me for one his first productions as a director, an adaptation of Mishima’s Yoroboshi. I didn’t get the part, but – and actors can take solace from this next bit – he kept me in mind forContinue reading “The Writing Process by Freddie Machin”

Winston’s PR journey – a post from our wonderful media genie Jane Verity

  Our journey with Fol Espoir started with a slightly awkward conversation with a fairly sceptical sounding John Walton. John had got in touch through a mutual friend who had recommended us, but I didn’t know this at the time, and thought it was an off spec enquiry. What I realised as I was speakingContinue reading “Winston’s PR journey – a post from our wonderful media genie Jane Verity”

Ten things you probably didn’t know about Winston Churchill

         Winston Churchill Aged 4 1. Winston celebrated his 21st birthday being shot at by anti-Spanish guerrillas in Cuba.  2. His father Randolph was a superstar of Victorian politics who believed Winston would amount to nothing and become ‘a social wastrel’. He promptly died before he could be proved wrong. 3. WinstonContinue reading “Ten things you probably didn’t know about Winston Churchill”

Fol Espoir featured in The Guardian

Artistic Director John Walton was invited to contribute a post to the Guardian Professionals Blog. The theme was the research process and post-show discussion for the show Winston On the Run. Full text below, or check it out at: Post-show theatre discussions: presenting your ‘DVD extras’ menu Performance post shows are usually dull andContinue reading “Fol Espoir featured in The Guardian”

Hidden in Plain Sight by Freddie Machin

  Arriving at Halifax in the car, one foggy day in September, we were faced with an imposing set of Victorian built Mills, set cheek by jowl beside a spaghetti junction of 60s roadways and flyovers and the ancient Yorkshire countryside – a fascinating and beautiful picture of what was once the industrial north. TheContinue reading “Hidden in Plain Sight by Freddie Machin”

Winston, the Victorian Missionary

By Freddie Machin We opened the autumn tour of Winston on the Run at the Chipping Norton Theatre, a stone’s throw from Winston’s birthplace and the seat of the dukedom he never inherited, Blenheim Palace. Merely by dint of dates and programming the show opened to an Oxfordshire audience, many of whom, we discovered duringContinue reading “Winston, the Victorian Missionary”

Dashing discoveries.

By John Walton A bookstore hidden down a curving Edinburgh backstreet, its rough wooden shelves crammed with history, classical passion and beautiful early editions; an antiquarian owner practically covered with his own thin layer of dust. I was holding a worn book with yellowing pages, a navy hardback cover, and a look of having beenContinue reading “Dashing discoveries.”