Q&A with John Walton, director of Instructions for American Servicemen in Britain

Why did you choose to adapt this 1942 pamphlet for the stage?  I stumbled upon the Instructions in Waterstone’s a few years ago, and I’ve been wanting to make a show based on them ever since. They’re such an endearing and loving snapshot of the country at a unique moment in its history. At theContinue reading “Q&A with John Walton, director of Instructions for American Servicemen in Britain”

The rewards of rural touring

Originally written for the February House Theatre Guest Blog. As well as being a freelance director I run Fol Espoir – a theatre company that tours to regional arts centres and rural networks across the UK. Small-scale touring is not exactly the glamorous end of the arts industry. On tour, we normally play a newContinue reading “The rewards of rural touring”

Hidden in Plain Sight by Freddie Machin

  Arriving at Halifax in the car, one foggy day in September, we were faced with an imposing set of Victorian built Mills, set cheek by jowl beside a spaghetti junction of 60s roadways and flyovers and the ancient Yorkshire countryside – a fascinating and beautiful picture of what was once the industrial north. TheContinue reading “Hidden in Plain Sight by Freddie Machin”

Dashing discoveries.

By John Walton A bookstore hidden down a curving Edinburgh backstreet, its rough wooden shelves crammed with history, classical passion and beautiful early editions; an antiquarian owner practically covered with his own thin layer of dust. I was holding a worn book with yellowing pages, a navy hardback cover, and a look of having beenContinue reading “Dashing discoveries.”

An Actor Prepares

 by Freddie Machin   The rejection I could cope with, the perseverance I could muster but no-one tells you that when you get that elusive and long longed for acting job, it might not be as fulfilling as you first thought.   Drama school was an incredibly invigorating and challenging three years for me. CharacterisedContinue reading “An Actor Prepares”